Kaaterskill Falls

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Kaaterskill Falls ★ 2001

Indie horror flick suffers from its obvious low budget and stilted improvisations. Yuppie couple Mitchell (Riggs) and Ren (Howard) are driving to a cabin in upstate New York where they hope to rekindle their disintegrating marriage. Ren decides to offer monosyllabic hitchhiker Lyle (Leslie) a ride to a nearby motel. But Lyle soons makes an appearance at their cabin and they decide to extent their hospitality to inviting him in for dinner. This is the first of many mistakes. 87m/C VHS, DVD . Mitchell Riggs, Hilary Howard, Anthony Leslie; D: Josh Apter, Peter Olsen; W: Mitchell Riggs, Hilary Howard, Anthony Leslie, Josh Apter, Peter Olsen; C: Peter Olsen.