Junk Mail

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Junk Mail ★★½ Budbringeren 1997

Grimy Oslo postman Roy (Skjaerstad) enjoys reading other people's mail, stalking Line, a deaf girl (Saether) on his route, and not washing. One day the girl leaves her keys in the mailbox, so Roy decides to have a look around, later saving her from a suicide attempt. During another of his “visits,” Roy learns that Line is involved in a violent crime, along with a thug named Georg (Aske). Through a series of mistaken identities and coicidences, he becomes deeply involved in the proceedings. Sletaune's promising debut is quirky and painstaking in its attention to detail. Skjaerstad does a fine job as the slovenly, slothful, though ultimately sympathetic, mailman. 83m/C VHS . NO Robert Skjaerstad, Andrine Saether, Per Egil Aske, Eli Anne Linnestad; D: Pal Sletaune; W: Pal Sletaune, Jonny Halberg; C: Kjell Vassdal; M: Joachim Holbek.

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