Jencks, Charles (Alexander)

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JENCKS, Charles (Alexander)

JENCKS, Charles (Alexander). American, b. 1939. Genres: Architecture. Publications: Architecture 2000, 1971; (with N. Silver) Adhocism, 1972; Modern Movements in Architecture, 1973; Le Corbusier and the Tragic View of Architecture, 1974, 2nd ed., 1987; The Language of Post-Modern Architecture, 1977, 7th ed. as The New Paradigm in Architecture, 2002; The Daydream Houses of Los Angeles, 1978; Bizarre Architecture, 1979; Late-Modern Architecture: Selected Essays, 1980; Skyscrapers-Skycities, 1980; Post-Modern Classicism, 1981; Free-Style Classicism, 1980; Current Architecture, (in U.S. as Architecture Today), 1982; Abstract Representation, 1983; Kings of Infinite Space, 1983; Towards a Symbolic Architecture, 1985; What Is Post-Modernism?, 1986, 4th ed., 1996; Post-Modernism: The New Classicism in Art and Architecture, 1987; The Prince, the Architects and New Wave Monarchy, 1988; The New Moderns, 1990; Heteropolis: Los Angeles, the Riots and Hetero-Architecture, 1993; The Architecture of the Jumping Universe, 1995, 2nd ed., 1997; Ecstatic Architecture, 1999; Architecture 2000 and Beyond, 2000; Le Corbusier and the Continual Revolution in Architecture, 2000. EDITOR: (with G. Baird) Meaning in Architecture, 1969; (with R. Bunt and G. Broadbent) Signs, Symbols and Architecture, 1980; The Architecture of Democracy, 1987; The Post-Modern Reader, 1992; (with K. Kropf) Theories & Manifestos of Contemporary Architecture, 1997; (guest ed. with M. Toy) Millennium Architecture, 2000.