Jarrett, Derek

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JARRETT, Derek. British, b. 1928. Genres: History, Biography. Career: Ed., Yale Edition of Horace Walpole's Memoirs. Former Principal Lecturer and Head of History Dept., Goldsmiths' College, University of London (Lecturer, 1964-65; Sr. Lecturer, 1965-73). Sr. History Master, Sherborne School, 1956-64. Publications: Britain 1688-1815, 1965; The Begetters of Revolution: England's Involvement with France 1759-1789, 1973; Pitt the Younger, 1974; England in the Age of Hogarth, 1974, 1986; The Ingenious Mr. Hogarth, 1976; The Sleep of Reason: Fantasy and Reality from the Victorian Age to the First World War, 1988; Three Faces of Revolution: Paris, London and New York in 1979, 1989. Died 2004.