Jacques, Brian

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JACQUES, Brian. British. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Worked as seaman, 1954-57, railway fireman, 1957-60, longshoreman, 1960-65, long-distance truck driver, 1965-75, docks representative, 1975-80, as well as logger, bus driver, boxer, policeman, postmaster, stand-up comic, and member of folk singer group; freelance radio broadcaster, 1980-. Publications: REDWALL SERIES: Redwall, 1986; Mossflower, 1988; Mattimeo, 1989; The Redwall Trilogy, 3 vols, 1991; Mariel of Redwall, 1991; Salamandastron, 1992; Martin the Warrior, 1993; The Bellmaker, 1994; The Outcast of Redwall, 1995; The Great Redwall Feast, 1995; Pearls of Lutra, 1996; The Long Patrol, 1997; Marlfox, 1998; The Legend of Luke, 1999; Lord Brocktree: A Tale of Redwall, 2000; A Redwall Winter's Tale, 2001; Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, 2001; Taggerung, 2001; Triss, 2002. OTHER: Seven Strange and Ghostly Tales, 1991; The Angel's Command, 2003. PLAYS: Brown Bitter; Wet Nellies; Scouse. Address: c/o Redwall Readers Club, PO Box 57, Mossley Hill L18 3NZ, England.