Jack Higgins' Thunder Point

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Jack Higgins' Thunder Point ★½ Thunder Point 1997 (R)

Mac-Lachlan takes over from Rob Lowe as exIRA terrorist Sean Dillon and the casting still stinks. (Doesn't anybody read Higgins' books!) A treasure diver finds The Windsor Protocol, a Hitler directive that also contains info on hidden funds that neo-Nazis hope to use to resurrect the Reich. Dillon's hired to find the document but it eventually does winds up in the hands of Nazi sympathizers, leading to the sequel “Jack Higgins' The Windsor Protocol.” 95m/C VHS . Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Sarrazin, Kenneth Welsh, Pascale Bussieres, Chris Wiggins, John Colicos, Cedric Smith; D: George Mihalka; W: Morrie Ruvinsky; C: Peter Benison; M: Stanislas Syrewicz. CABLE