Jack Higgins' on Dangerous Ground

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Jack Higgins' on Dangerous Ground ★ On Dangerous Ground 1995 (R)

A major miscast ruins thriller writer Higgins's chances in this cable movie. ExIRA assassin and all-around terrorist Sean Dillon (Lowe) nows works for a British intelligence agency, headed by Brigadier Ferguson (Cranham). A secret agreement documenting a WWII deal between Lord Mountbatten and Mao Tsetung has come to murky light and could exacerbate the tensions between China and Britain over Hong Kong. Dillon not only is expected to retrieve the document but also prevent an assassination attempt while the U.S. prezvisits England. Lowe's way too lightweight for the Dillon role and manages to throw what should have been a good action yarn completely offbalance. 105m/C VHS . CA GB LU Rob Lowe, Kenneth Cranham, Jurgen Prochnow, Deborah Maria Moore, Ingeborga Dapkounaite, Daphne Cheung, Richard Rees, Claude Blanchard; D: Lawrence Gordon-Clark; W: Christopher Wickens; C: Ken Westbury; M: Leon Aronson. CABLE