It Happened Tomorrow

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It Happened Tomorrow ★★½ 1944

Nowfamiliar plotline will remind TV viewers of “Early Edition.” Whimsical fantasy finds obituary writer Larry Stevens (Powell) receiving the next day's newspaper from his paper's librarian (Philliber). Stevens uses his knowledge of coming events to get some major scoops, win at the track, and impress beautiful spiritualist Sylvia (Darnell). Then, he reads his own obituary and tries to avoid his fate. 84m/B VHS . Dick Powell, Linda Darnell, Jack Oakie, John Philliber, Edgar Kennedy, Edward Brophy, Sig Rumann, George Cleveland, Paul Guilfoyle, Eddie Acuff; D: Rene Clair; W: Rene Clair, Dudley Nichols; C: Archie Stout.

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It Happened Tomorrow

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