Istanbul 1957

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Istanbul ★★½ 1957

Adventurer Jim Brennan (Flynn) finds a fortune in smuggled diamonds, which he hides in a hotel room. Unfortunately, he's deported before he can retrieve the gems and it takes him five years to make it back to Istanbul. Then he's hounded by the original smugglers who want their gems back and discovers his lost love Stephanie (Borchers). Cole croons a couple of songs in his role as a lounge singer. Remake of 1947's “Singapore.” ♫When I Fall In Love; I Was a Little Too Lonely. 85m/C VHS . Errol Flynn, Cornell Borchers, John Bentley, Torin Thatcher, Leif Erickson, Peggy Knudsen, Martin Benson, Nat King Cole, Werner Klemperer; D: Joseph Pevney; W: Seton I. Miller, Barbara Gray; C: William H. Daniels.