The Isle

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The Isle ★★ Seom 2001

For those who like their arthouse features on the kinky side. The isle is a series of small huts anchored in a river that's part of a remote fishing area. But the male guests don't just come for the fishing—they bring their own female company or take what's offered by mute manager Hee-Jin. She becomes obsessed with Hyun-Shik, an ex-cop who murdered his unfaithful lover and who's hiding out while contemplating suicide. She saves him, protects him from the police, and shares a very intimate relationship with the unstable man. Korean with subtitles. 89m/C VHS, DVD . KN Suh Jung, Yoo-Suk Kim, Sung-Hee Park; D: Ki-Duk Kim; W: Ki-Duk Kim; C: Seo-Shik Hwang; M: Sang-Yun Jeon.