The Island on Bird Street

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The Island on Bird Street ★★½ 1997 (PG-13)

Eleven-year-old Jewish Alex (Kiziuk) is forced to live in the Warsaw ghetto with his father Stefan (Bergin) and great-uncle Boruch (Warden). When the Gestapo round up the inhabitants to send them to concentration camps, Alex manages to elude capture. Inspired by his favorite book, “The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe,” he hides out in an abandoned building on Bird Street with only his pet mouse Snow for company. Alex struggles with daily survival as he awaits his father's promised return. Based on the autobiographical children's book by Uri Orlev. 102m/C DVD . GB DK GE Patrick Bergin, Jack Warden, Soeren Kragh-Jacobsen, Jordan Kiziuk; W: John Goldsmith, Tony Grisoni; C: Ian Wilson; M: Zbigniew Preisner.