Illegal Tender

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Illegal Tender ★½ 2007 (R)

Twenty-one-year-old Wilson (Gonzalez) enjoys his upper-middle class lifestyle until his mother (De Jesus) informs him that his dead father was a drug dealer and hands him a gun. Turns out they need to defend themselves from his father's murderer, who's still after them and the money Dad stole. Wilson is mostly adequate as the reluctant heir to his father's legacy but is overshadowed by De Jesus's twogun Pam Grier-style performance. You'll find yourself wishing you saw more of Mom and a lot less of Wilson. John Singleton produced what is, essentially, a blaxploitation film gone Latino (Laxploitation?). Nothing really distinguishes it from any other mediocre B-movie revenge flick. 107m/C DVD . US Wanda De Jesus, Rick Gonzalez, Dania Ramirez, Antonio Ortiz, Manny Perez, Tego Calderon; D: Franc Reyes; W: Franc Reyes; C: Frank Byers; M: Heitor Pereira.