I Live My Life

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I Live My Life ★½ 1935

Stylish glossy flick with Crawford playing a bored New York debutante who travels to Greece and meets a dedicated archaelogist (Aherne). A love/hate relationship ensues in this typical Crawford vehicle where she is witty and parades around in sophisticated fashions, but there is little substance here. 92m/B VHS . Joan Crawford, Brian Aherne, Frank Morgan, Aline MacMahon, Eric Blore, Fred Keating, Jessie Ralph, Arthur Treach er, Frank Conroy, Sterling Holloway, Vince Barnett, Hedda Hopper, Lionel Stander; D: Woodbridge S. Van Dyke; W: Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Gottfried Reinhardt, Ethel B. Borden; C: George J. Folsey.