I Don't Want to Talk About It

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I Don't Want to Talk About It ★★½ De Eso No Se Habla 1994

Fable set in a small South American town in the ‘30s. The widowed Leonor (Brando) is the community leader, a woman determined to see that her daughter Charlotte (Podesta) be as happy and accomplished as possible. Leonor refuses to acknowledge Charlotte is a dwarf and size is never permitted to be mentioned in her presence. Her zealous protectiveness is challenged by worldly and charming newcomer Ludovico (Mastroianni) who becomes entranced by Charlotte. Mastroianni is masterly as always but the moody film proves slight. Based on story by Julio Llinas. Spanish with subtitles. 102m/C VHS . AR Marcello Mastroianni, Luisina Brando, Alejandra Podesta; D: Maria-Luisa Bemberg; W: Maria-Luisa Bemberg, Jorge Goldenberg.