I Am Frigid… Why?

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I Am Frigid… Why? ★★ Je Suis Frigide…Pourquoi?; She Should Have Stayed in Bed; Comment le Desir Vient aux Filles 1972

Eighteen-year-old Doris is the gardener's daughter. She is raped by Eric Chambon, the estate owner's son, and is then sent to boarding school to hush up the scandal. But Doris can't forget and befriends an older woman who runs an expensive call girl operation in Paris. Doris joins her other girls and one of her clients turns out to be Eric's father. French with subtitles. 90m/C VHS . FR Joelle Coeur, Sandra Julien, Anne Kerylen, Stephane Machanovitch, Marie-Georges Pascal, Thierry Murzeau, Jean-Luc Terrade, Virginie Vignon; D: Max Pecas; W: Max Pecas; C: Robert Lefebvre; M: Derry Hall.