I Am David

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I Am David ★★ 2004 (PG)

Unlikely adventure story follows the travails of a 12yearold orphan named David (Tibber), who escapes from a 1952 Stalinist labor camp in Bulgaria and makes his way across Greece, Italy, and Switzerland to safety in Denmark. He gets really lucky—first his nice camp friend Johannes (Caviezel) helps him, then nice Italian Roberto (De Vito), and then nice Swiss grandmother Sophie (Plowright). Based on the novel “North to Freedom” by Anne Holm. 95m/C VHS, DVD . US Ben Tibber, Joan Plowright, James (Jim) Caviezel, Maria Bonnevie, Paco Reconti, Hristo Naumov Shopov, Alessandro Sperduti, Viola Carinci, Silvia De Santis; D: Paul Feig; M: Stewart Copeland.