I Am Cuba

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I Am Cuba ★★ Soy Cuba; Ja Cuba 1964

Agitprop Russian-Cuban co-production illustrates different aspects of the Cuban revolution from the toppling of Batista's decadent Havana to idealistic soldiers and student revolutionaries. Lots of oratory and deliberate artificiality combined with cinematographer Urusevky's stunning high-contrast photography. Spanish and Russian with subtitles. 141m/B VHS, DVD . CU RU Luz Maria Collazo, Jose Gallardo, Sergio Corrieri, Jean Bouise, Raul Garcia, Celia Rodriguez; D: Mikhail Kalatozov; W: Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Enrique Pineda Barnet; C: Sergei Urusevsky; M: Carlos Farinas.

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