House on 92nd Street

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House on 92nd Street ★★★ 1945

Documentary-style thriller finds federal investigator George Briggs (Nolan) contacted by German-American student Bill Dietrich (Eythe), who's been sought out by Nazi spies. Briggs encourages Dietrich to play along and report their nefarious activities to the feds. What Dietrich discovers is that a scientist, working on the atomic bomb project, is actually a Nazi agent. Lots of atmosphere and action, with director Hathaway incorporating newsreel footage to highlight the true-to-life feel. Title refers the the house where the head of the Nazi spies resides. 89m/B VHS, DVD . William Eythe, Lloyd Nolan, Signe Hasso, Gene Lockhart, Leo G. Carroll, William Post Jr., Harry Bellaver; D: Henry Hathaway; W: Barre Lyndon, John Monks Jr., Charles G. Booth; C: Norbert Bro-dine; M: David Buttolph. Oscars ‘45: Story.