Houdini 1999

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Houdini ★★½ 1999

New York Jewish youth Erich Weiss transforms himself into vaudeville magician/illusionist Harry Houdini (Schaech) and marries Bess (Edwards), who becomes his assistant. Houdini soon becomes a famed escape artist, pushing himself into ever-more dangerous stunts. After his beloved mother's death, Houdini then goes on a crusade to expose fake spiritualists who had promised him contact with her. 94m/C VHS . Johnathon Schaech, Stacy Edwards, Grace Zabriskie, Paul Sorvino, Rhea Perlman, George Segal, David Warner, Mark Ruffalo, Ron Perlman, Judy Geeson; D: Pen Densham; W: Pen Densham; C: Gordon C. Lonsdale; M: Don Harper. CABLE

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Houdini 1999

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