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HOPKINS, Lee Bennett

HOPKINS, Lee Bennett. American, b. 1938. Genres: Novels, Children's fiction, Poetry, Children's non-fiction. Career: Freelance writer and educational consultant. Publications: (with A.F. Shapiro) Creative Activities for the Gifted Child, 1968; Books Are by People, 1969; Let Them Be Themselves, 1969, rev. ed., 1992; Important Dates in Afro-American History, 1969; This Street's for Me!, 1970; (with M. Arenstein) Partners in Learning, 1971; Pass the Poetry, Please!, 1972; Charlie's World: A Book of Poems, 1972; Pick a Peck o' Poems, 1972; Kim's Place and Other Poems, 1974; (with S. Rasch) I Really Want to Feel Good about Myself, 1974; More Books by More People, 1974; Meet Madeleine L'Engle, 1974; (with M. Arenstein) Do You Know What Day Tomorrow Is?: A Teacher's Almanac, 1975, 1990; I Loved Rose Ann, 1976; Mama (novel), 1977; Poetry to Hear, Read, Write and Love, 1978; Wonder Wheels (novel), 1979; The Best of Book Bonanza, 1980; Mama and Her Boys (novel), 1981; Side by Side: Poems to Read Together, 1988; Still as a Star: Nighttime Poems, 1989; People from Mother Goose, 1989; Animals from Mother Goose, 1989; Mother Goose and Her Children, 1999. EDITOR: Don't You Turn Back: Poems by Langston Hughes, 1969; I Think I Saw a Snail, 1969; City Spreads Its Wings, 1970; City Talk, 1970; Me!: A Book of Poems, 1970; (with M. Arenstein) Faces and Places, 1971; Zoo!, 1971; Girls Can Too!, 1972; (with M. Arenstein) Time to Shout, 1973; On Our Way: Poems of Pride and Love, 1974; Hey-How for Halloween, 1974; Poetry on Wheels, 1974; Take Hold!, 1974; Sing Hey for Christmas Day, 1975; (with M. Arenstein) Potato Chips and a Slice of Moon, 1976; (with M. Arenstein) Thread One to a Star, 1976; Good Morning to You, Valentine, 1976; Beat the Drum! Independence Day Has Come, 1977; A-Haunting We Will Go, 1977; Monsters, Ghoulies and Creepy Creatures, 1977; Witching Time, 1977; To Look at Any Thing, 1978; Merrily Comes Our Harvest In, 1978; Kits, Cats, Lions and Tigers, 1978; Go to Bed, 1979; Merely Players, 1979; Easter Buds Are Springing, 1979; My Mane Catches the Wind: Poems about Horses, 1979; Pups, Dogs, Foxes and Wolves, 1979; Elves, Fairies and Gnomes, 1980; Moments: Poems about the Seasons, 1980; By Myself, 1980; Morning, Noon and Nightime, Too!, 1980; And God Bless Me, 1982; Circus! Circus!, 1982; Rainbows Are Made: Poems by Carl Sandburg, 1982; The Sky Is Full of Song, 1983; A Song in Stone, 1983; A Dog's Life, 1983; Crickets and Bullfrogs and Whispers of Thunder: Poems by Harry Behn, 1984; Surprises, 1984; Creatures, 1985; Munching: Poems about Food and Eating, 1985; Love and Kisses, 1984; Best Friends, 1986; The Sea Is Calling Me, 1986; Dinosaurs, 1987; Click, Rumble, Roar: Poems about Machines, 1987; More Surprises, 1987; Voyages: Poems by Walt Whitman, 1988; Good Books, Good Times, 1990; On the Farm: Poems, 1991; Questions, 1992; Flit, Flutter, Fly!, 1992; It's About Time, 1992; Extra Innings: Baseball Poems, 1993; April, Bubbles, Chocolate, 1993; Weather, 1994; Hand in Hand: An American History through Poetry, 1994; Pauses, 1995; Good Rhymes, Good Times, 1995; Been to Yesterdays, 1995; Blast Off!: Space Poems, 1995; Opening Days: Sports Poems, 1996; School Supplies: A Book of Poems, 1996; Marvelous Math, 1997; Song and Dance, 1997; All God's Children, 1998; Sports, Sports, Sports, 1999; Spectacular Science, 1999; Climb into My Lap, 1999; Dino-roars, 1999; Lives, 1999; Yummy, 2000; My America, 2000; Home to Me: Poems, 2002; Hoofbeats, Claws & Rippled Fins, 2002; Alphathoughts, 2003.

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