Hooks, William H.

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HOOKS, William H.

HOOKS, William H. Also writes as Harrison Hawkins. American, b. 1921. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Education. Career: High school history and social studies teacher, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 1949; Hampton Institute, VA, history and dance instructor, 1950; Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, choreographer at opera workshop, 1955-64; owned dance studio, NYC, 1965-70; Bank Street College, NYC, publications division staff member, 1970-72, chairperson of division, 1972-91, managing editor, "Bank Street Readers"; educational consultant, ABC-TV children's programs, 1973-86; reviewer; script writer, Captain Kangaroo television program. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: The Seventeen Gerbils of Class 4A, 1976; Maria's Cave, 1977; Doug Meets the Nutcracker, 1977; The Mystery on Bleecker Street, 1980; Mean Jake and the Devils, 1981; The Mystery on Liberty Street, 1982; Three Rounds With Rabbit, 1984; (with S.V. Reit and B.D. Boegehold) When Small Is Tall, and Other Read-Together Tales, 1985; (with B.D. Boegehold and J. Openheim) Read-a-Rebus: Tales and Rhymes in Words and Pictures, 1986; Moss Gown, 1987; The Legend of the White Doe, 1988; Pioneer Cat, 1988; (with B. Brenner) Lion and Lamb, 1989; Mr. Bubble Gum, 1989; The Three Little Pigs and the Fox, 1989; The Ballad of Belle Dorcas, 1990; Mr. Monster, 1990; A Dozen Dizzy Dogs, 1990; The Gruff Brothers, 1990; (with B. Brenner) Lion & Lamb Step Out, 1990; Lo-Jack & Pirates, 1991; Where's Lulu?, 1991; (with B. Brenner) Ups and Downs With Lion and Lamb, 1991; Mr. Baseball, 1991; (with B. Beogehold) The Rainbow Ribbon: A Bank Street Book About Values, 1991; Peach Boy, 1992; (with B. Brenner and J. Oppenheim) How Do You Make a Bubble?, 1992; Monster from the Sea, 1992; Little Poss & Horrible Hound, 1992; Rough, Tough, and Rowdy: A Bank Street Book About Values, 1992; The Monster From the Sea, 1992; Feed Me!: An Aesop Fable, 1992; The Mighty Santa Fe, 1993; Mr. Dinosaur, 1994; The Rainbow Ribbon, 1994; Snowbear Whittington: An Appalachian Beauty & the Beast, 1994; The Girl Who Could Fly, 1995; Freedom's Fruit, 1996; Mr. Garbage, 1996; The Mystery of Missing Tooth, 1997; Mr. Big Brother, 1998; The Legend of the Christmas Rose, 1999. OTHER: (co-author) Barron's Book of Fun and Learning: Preschool Learning Activities, 1987; (with B. Brenner and J. Openheim) No Way, Slippery Slick! A Child's First Book About Drugs, 1991. FOR YOUNG ADULTS: Crossing the Line, 1978; Circle of Fire, 1982; A Flight of Dazzle Angels, 1988. OTHER: (with E. Galinsky) The New Extended Family: Day Care That Works, 1977. Address: 718 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514, U.S.A.