Hombres Complicados

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Hombres Complicados ★★ 1997

Petty crook Roger (De Pauw) can't pay his debts to a group of gangsters. So he convinces gullible brother Bruno (Roof-thooft) that they should use the small inheritance left to them by their mother to take a bonding road trip. Roger wants to buy some time until he can come up with a get-rich-quick scheme but, as usual in his sad-sack life, Roger's scheming leads to some bizarre happenings. Flemish and French with subtitles. 83m/C VHS . BE Josse De Pauw, Dirk Roofthooft, Lies Pauwels; D: Dominique Deruddere; W: Dominique Deruddere, Marc Didden; C: Willy Stassen.