Holt, Michael (Paul)

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HOLT, Michael (Paul)

HOLT, Michael (Paul). British, b. 1929. Genres: Children's fiction, Recreation, Mathematics/Statistics, Sciences. Career: Sr. Science and Mathematics Ed., Ginn and Co. Ltd., London, 1965-67; Sr. Lecturer in Mathematics, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 1967-70; Chairman, Educational Writers Group, Society of Authors, London, 1971-73. Publications: (with D.T.E. Marjoram) Mathematics Through Experience, 7 books, 1966-75; Exercises, 4 books, 1972; What Is the New Maths?, 1968; Science Happenings, 6 books, 1969; Mathematics in Art, 1971; (with R. Ridout) Joe's Trip to the Moon, 1971; (with R. Ridout) The Train Thief, 1971; (with Z.P. Dienes) Zoo, 1972; (with R. Ridout) The Big Book of Puzzles, 3 vols., 1972-79; (with Z. P. Dienes) Let's Play Maths, 1973; (with D.T.E. Marjoram) Mathematics in a Changing World, 1973; Inner Ring Maths, 1973; Maths, 6 books, 1973-74; (with R. Ridout) All Round English, 1974; (with R. Ridout) Life Cycle Books, 4 books, 1974; Monkey Puzzle Books, 6 books, 1974; Ready for Science, 6 books, 1974; Maps, Tracks, and the Bridges of Konigsberg, 1975; Fun with Numbers, 1976; Math Puzzles and Games, 1977; More Math Puzzles and Games, 1978; Figure It Out Books, 4 vols., 1978-81; (with A. Rothery) Mathsworks, books, 1979; The Puma Puzzle Book, 1980; Basic Skills in Maths, 1981; Answer Me This, 1981; Holt Counting Board, 1981; The Bumper Quiz Book, 1981; (with A. Rothery) Maths Alive, 1982; The Amazing Invisible Ink Puzzle Books, 1982; (with A. Ward) Wide Range Science Story Books 1-2, 1982; The Amazing Invisible Ink Puzzle Books, 1983; Basic Arithmetic Puzzles: Adding and Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing, 1983; The Dr. Who Quiz Book of Dinosaurs Magic, Science, 3 vols., 1983; (with A. Ward) Wide Range Science Story Books 3-4, 1984; The Dr. Who Book of Space, 1984; Now I Can Count to 3 Count to 5, 1984; Basic Arithmetic Puzzles: Fractions, Decimals, 1984; Now I Can Count to 10, 1985; Dr. Who Book of Puzzles, 1985; The Pan Pocket Puzzler, 1985; Crisis in Space, 1986; Getting on with Maths, 6 vols., 1986; The Great Spy Race, 1987; The Riddle of the Sphinx, 1987; Match and Sort, 6 vols., 1989; Getting Ahead in Maths, 1990; Inventions, 1990. Address: Highley, Whitbourne, Worcester, England. Online address: WR6 5RZ