Holdstock, Robert

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HOLDSTOCK, Robert. Also writes as Robert Black, Chris Carlsen, Robert Faulcon. British, b. 1948. Genres: Novels, Novellas/Short stories, Science fiction/Fantasy, Mythology/Folklore. Career: Medical Research Council, London, England, medical researcher, 1971-74; freelance writer, 1976-. Publications: NOVELS: Eye among the Blind, 1976; Earthwind, 1977; Necromancer, 1978; Where Time Winds Blow (novel), 1981; Mythago Wood (novel), 1984; Bulman (novel), 1984; John Boorman's "The Emerald Forest" (novelization), 1985; One of Our Pigeons Is Missing (novel), 1985; Lavondyss: Journey to an Unknown Region (novel), 1989; The Fetch (novel), 1991; The Hollowing (novel), 1993. EDITOR: Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, 1978; (with C. Priest) Stars of Albion (anthology), 1979; (with C. Evans) Other Edens (anthology), 1987; (with C. Evans) Other Edens 2 (anthology), 1988; (with C. Evans) Other Edens 3 (anthology), 1989. OTHER: (with M. Edwards) Alien Landscapes (nonfiction), 1979; (with M. Edwards) Tour of the Universe, 1980; In the Valley of the Statues (short stories), 1982; (with M. Edwards) Magician: The Lost Journals of the Magus Geoffrey Carlyle, 1982; (with M. Edwards) Realms of Fantasy, 1983; (with M. Edwards) Lost Realms, 1984; The Bone Forest (stories), 1991. AS ROBERT BLACK: Legend of the Werewolf, 1976; The Satanists, 1978. BERSERKER NOVELS AS CHRIS CARLSEN: Shadow of the Wolf, 1977; The Bull Chief, 1979; The Horned Warrior, 1979. NIGHT HUNTER NOVELS AS ROBERT FAULCON: The Stalking, 1983; The Talisman, 1983; The Ghost Dance, 1983; The Shrine, 1984; The Hexing, 1984; The Labyrinth, 1986; Merlin's Wood, 1994; Ancient Echoes, 1996; Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn, 1998; Celtika, 2001; The Iron Grail, 2002. Address: 54 Raleigh Rd, London N8 0HY, England.