Hoffmann, Stanley

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HOFFMANN, Stanley. American/French (born Austria), b. 1928. Genres: International relations/Current affairs, Politics/Government. Career: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, member of faculty, 1955-, professor of government, 1963-80, chairman, Center for European Studies, 1969-95, Douglas Dillon Professor of the Civilization of France, 1980-96, Paul and Catherine Buttenwieser University Professor, 1997-. Publications: Organisations internationales et pouvoirs politiques des Etats, 1954; Le Mouvement Poujade, 1956; Contemporary Theory in International Relations, 1963; The State of War, 1963; (ed.) Conditions of World Order, 1968; Gulliver's Troubles, 1968; Decline or Renewal?, 1974; Primacy or World Order, 1978; Duties beyond Borders, 1981; Dead Ends, 1983; Janus and Minerva, 1986; The European Sisyphus, 1995; The Ethics and Politics of Humanitarian Intervention, 1996; World Disorders, 1998. CO-AUTHOR: In Search of France, 1963; The Relevance of International Law, 1968; La Politique des Sciences Sociales en France, 1975; The Fifth Republic at Twenty, 1981; Living with Nuclear Weapons, 1983; The Mitterrand Experiment, 1987; Rousseau and International Relations, 1991; The New European Community, 1992; After the Cold War, 1993; The Tanner Lecture on Human Values, vol. 15, 1994. Address: 61 Brewster St, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]