The Hitcher 2007

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The Hitcher ★½ 2007 (R)

Bean can't out-spook Rutger Hauer's title character from the 1986 original as this remake gets gutted (and not in a scary way) into generic action-horror. Jim (Knighton) and girlfriend Grace (Bush) are traveling that lonely desert highway, only to have repeated run-ins with psychopath John Ryder. Many of the original's set action pieces are recreated but, except for the addition of the nubile Bush, the ‘86 version is a lot more terrifying (if not as loud). 83m/ C DVD, HD DVD . US Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Zachery Knighton, Neal McDonough; W: Jake Wade Wall, Eric Bernt; C: Dave Meyers, James Hawkinson; M: Steve Jablonsky.

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