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The Hollywood Knights ★★ 1980 (R)

Cheap imitation of “American Graffiti” is not without its funny moments. Beverly Hills teens, lead by Newbomb Turk (Wuhl), are displeased that their hangout—Tubby's Drive-in—is being shut down by those no-fun adults. So they decide to retaliate. Set on Halloween Night, 1965. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Robert Wuhl, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tony Danza, Fran Drescher, Leigh French, Gary (Rand) Graham, James Jeter, Stuart Pankin, Gailard Sartain, Mike Binder, T.K. Carter, Moosie Drier, Debra Feuer, Garry Goodrow, Joyce Hyser, Roberta Wallach, Doris Hargrave, Walter Janovitz, Art LaFleur, Glenn Withrow, Sandy Helberg; D: Floyd Mutrux; W: Floyd Mutrux; C: William A. Fraker.

The Hollywood Knights

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