The Hillside Strangler 2004

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The Hillside Strangler ★½ 2004 (R)

Okay dramatization of the serial murder cases that occurred over a 14- month period in California in 1977-78 and were originally thought to have been the work of one man. Instead, the crimes were committed by cousins Kenneth Bianchi (Howell) and Angelo Buono (Turturro) after their try at running an escort service went bad and Bianchi strangled one of the hookers. Flick ignores the police investigation in favor of showing the murders. Both lead actors are gungho about their roles but this is hardly Oscar-worthy material. 97m/C DVD . Nicholas Turturro, C. Thomas Howell, Allison Lange, Lin Shaye, Aimee Brooks, Julia Lee; D: Chuck Parello; C: John Pirozzi.

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The Hillside Strangler 2004

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