The Hills Have Eyes 2

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The Hills Have Eyes 2 ★ 2007 (R)

The unnecessary sequel to the unnecessary 2006 remake (not to be confused with 1984's unnecessary sequel to the gory 1977 original). The inbred mutant cannibal Carter clan were unfortunately not quite wiped out and are hiding in some New Mexico caves just waiting to pick off the members of a National Guard patrol and feed on their intestines. The Craven father and son screenwriting team isn't showing us anything we haven't seen before—or want to see again. 89m/C DVD, Blu-ray Disc . US Flex Alexander, Jacob Vargas, Michael Bailey Smith, Lee Thompson Young, Michael McMillian, Jessica Stroup, Daniella Alonso, Eric Edelstein; D: Martin Weisz; W: Wes Craven, Jonathan Craven; C: Sam McCurdy; M: Trevor Morris.

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The Hills Have Eyes 2

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