His Kind of Woman

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His Kind of Woman ★★★ 1951

Sleazy, campy crime drama that turns out to be compelling fun. Unlucky gambler Dan Milner (Mitchum) accepts a big payday for an unknown job that takes him to a Mexican resort. He gets an eyeful of chanteuse Lenore (Russell) and the hot twosome hook-up, even though her married boyfriend, Mark (Price), is also hanging around. Then Dan learns his job is to be the fall guy for racketeer Nick Ferraro (Burr), who wants to get back into the States, and he doesn't go for the idea. 120m/B VHS, DVD . Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Vincent Price, Tim Holt, Charles McGraw, Raymond Burr, Jim Backus, Marjorie Reynolds; D: John Farrow; W: Frank Fenton, Jack Leonard; C: Harry Wild; M: Leigh Harline.