Hirschfeld, Fritz

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HIRSCHFELD, Fritz. American (born Germany), b. 1924. Genres: History, Education. Career: Lago Oil and Transport Co., junior engineer for oil refineries in Aruba, the Netherlands, West Indies, 1948-50; Consulting Engineer, St. Joseph, MI, associate editor and European editor, 1951-54; European Engineering News Report, Zurich, Switzerland, publisher and editor, 1955-57; independent consulting engineer in London, Paris, Zurich, and Frankfurt, 1958-86; John Hancock Papers, Williamsburg, VA, editor. Publications: George Washington and Slavery: A Documentary Portrayal, 1997; George Washington and the Jews, 1999; The John Hancock Papers, series I, vol. 1: The Early Years (1736/7-1764), 2000; George Washington and the Native Americans, 2002. Address: John Hancock Papers, PO Box 1816, Williamsburg, VA 23187-1816, U.S.A.