Hilton, Margery

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HILTON, Margery

HILTON, Margery. Also writes as Rebecca Caine. British. Genres: Romance/Historical. Publications: The Dutch Uncle, 1966; Young Ellis, 1966; Darling Rhadamanthus!, 1966; The Grotto of Jade, 1968; Girl Crusoe, 1969; The Flower of Eternity, 1970; Interlude in Arcady, 1970; Bitter Masquerade, 1970; The Whispering Grove, 1971; A Man Without Mercy, 1971; Trust in Tomorrow, 1971; Dear Conquistador, 1972; The House of the Amulet, 1972; The Spell of the Enchanter, 1972; Frail Sanctuary, 1973; The Inshine Girl, 1973; Miranda's Marriage, 1974; The Beach of Sweet Returns, 1976; The Dark Side of Marriage, 1978; The House of Strange Music, 1978; Snow Bride, 1979; The Velvet Touch, 1979; Way of a Man, 1981. As Rebecca Caine: Pagan Heart, 1971; That Summer of Surrender, 1974; Child of Tahiti, 1976. Address: c/o Harlequin, Mills & Boon Ltd, Eton House, 18-24 Paradise Rd., Richmond, Surrey, England.