Hedgecoe, John

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HEDGECOE, John. British, b. 1937. Genres: Photography. Career: Queen Magazine, London, staff photographer, 1957-72; freelance photographer for international magazines, 1958-; freelance photographer for the London Sunday Times and Observer, 1960-70; Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London, reader in photography and head of photography department, 1965-74, chair of photography department, 1975, professor of photography, 1975-94, professor emeritus, 1994-, fellow, 1973, managing trustee, 1983, senior fellow, 1992. John Hedgecoe Ltd., director, 1965-95; Perennial Pictures Ltd., director 1980, 1991; Lion & Unicorn Press Ltd., director 1986-94. Works have been exhibited worldwide; photographs are also featured in a number of permanent collections. Publications: Kevin Crossley-Holland Book of Norfolk Poems, 1970; Sculptures of Picasso, 1970; (with others) Photography, Material and Methods (annual publication), 1971-74; Henry Moore, Energy in Space, 1973; The Book of Photography, 1976, rev. and updated ed., as The Book of Photography: How to See and Take Better Pictures, 1984; Handbook of Photographic Techniques, 1977; Possessions, 1978; John Hedgecoe's Pocket Guide to Practical Photography, 1979, rev. and expanded as The Photographer's Workbook, 1983; Introductory Photography Course, 1979; Master Classes in Photography: Children and Child Portraiture, 1980; What a Picture!, 1983, in US as John Hedgecoe's Taking Great Photographs, 1984; (with J. Tresidder and R. Platt) The Art of Colour Photography, 1978, rev. and updated ed. as The Art of Color Photography, 1989; The Book of Advanced Photography, 1982; Aesthetics of Nude Photography, 1984; The Workbook of Photo Techniques, 1984; The Workbook of Darkroom Techniques, 1984; John Hedgecoe's Nude Photography, 1984; John Hedgecoe's Darkroom Techniques, 1985, in UK as The Workbook of Darkroom Techniques, 1990; John Hedgecoe's Photographer's Workbook, 1985; John Hedgecoe's Photographic Techniques, 1985; John Hedgecoe's Nude and Portrait Photography, 1985; John Hedgecoe's New Manual of Photography, 1986; John Hedgecoe's Pocket Guide to Vacation Photography, 1986; (with R. van der Meer) The Working Camera: The World's First Three-Dimensional Guide to Photography Made Easy, 1986; Pocket Book of Travel and Holiday Photography, 1986; Henry Moore: His Ideas, Inspirations and Life as an Artist, 1986; The Three Dimensional Pop-up Photography Book, 1986; Photographer's Manual of Creative Ideas, 1986; John Hedgecoe's Practical Portrait Photography, 1987; The Photographer's Sourcebook, 1987; John Hedgecoe's Practical Landscape Photography, 1988, as John Hedgecoe's Landscape Photography, 1994; Hedgecoe on Photography, 1988; Hedgecoe on Video: A Complete Creative and Technical Guide to Making Videos, 1989; John Hedgecoe's Complete Video Course: A Step-by-Step, SelfInstruction Guide to Making Great Videos, 1989; The Workbook of Photographic Techniques, 1990; Complete Photography Guide, 1990; John Hedgecoe's Practical Portrait Photography, 1991, in US as John Hedgecoe's Complete Guide to Photographing People, 1992; The Workbook of Nudes and Glamour, 1991; The Photographer's Handbook, 3rd rev. ed., 1992; John Hedgecoe's Complete Guide to Video, 1992; (with S.S. Damluji) Zillij: The Art of Moroccan Ceramics, 1992; Video Photographer's Handbook, 1992; John Hedgecoe's Photography Basics, 1993; John Hedgecoe's Compete Guide to Black and White Photography: And Darkroom Techniques, 1994; John Hedgecoe's New Book of Photography, 1994; The Spirit of the Garden, 1994; Black and White Photography, 1994; John Hedgecoe's Camcorder Basics, 1995; John Hedgecoe-A Complete Introductory Guide-Video, 1995; Breakfast with Dolly (novel), 1996; Figure and Form, 1996; John Hedgecoe's New Introductory Photography Course, 1996. Contributor of photographs to books. Address: 47 Riverside Court, Nine Elms Lane, London SW8 5BY, England.