Hedderwick, Mairi

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HEDDERWICK, Mairi. British (born Scotland), b. 1939. Genres: Children's fiction, Travel/Exploration, Illustrations. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: Katie Morag Delivers the Mail, 1984; Katie Morag and the Two Grandmothers, 1985; Katie Morag and the Tiresome Ted, 1986; Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins, 1987; Peedie Peebles' Summer or Winter Book in U.S. as P.D. Peebles' Summer or Winter Book, 1989; Katie Morag and the New Pier, 1993; Peedie Peebles Colour Book, 1994; The Tale of Carpenter MacPheigh, 1994; Katie Morag and the Wedding, 1995; The Big Katie Morag Storybook, 1996; Katie Morag and the Grand Concert, 1997; The Second Katie Morag Storybook, 1998; Katie Morag's Rainy Day Book, 1999; Katie Morag and the Riddles, 2001; Katie Morag's Island Stories, 2003; A Walk With Grannie, 2003; Katie Morag, of Course, 2003. ADULT NON-FICTION: Views of Scotland, 1981; An Eye on the Hebrides, 1989; A Highland Journey, 1992; Sea-Change (travel), 1999. Illustrator of books by others.