He Died With a Felafel in His Hand

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He Died with a Felafel in His Hand ★★ 2001

Ya gotta love the title—if nothing else about this adaptation of John Birmingham's seriocomic 1994 novel. Three distinct Australian cities play their part: subtropical Brisbane inspires indolence and wacky sunstruck behavior; cool Melbourne fosters navel-gazing and an overly-ernest dedication to causes; and seaside Sydney is dedicated to hedonism. Wannabe Brisbane writer Danny (Taylor) is looking for some kind of purpose in life and turns to friend Sam (Hamilton) for advice. The duo wind up in Melbourne after Sam's breakup with gal pal Anya (Bohringer) and finally make their way to Sydney where their chaotic lives don't become any more stable. Oh, and the title refers to one of the duo's many strange roommates. 107m/C DVD . AU IT Noah Taylor, Emily Hamilton, Romane Bohringer, Sophie Lee, Francis McMahon, Brett Stewart; D: Richard Lowenstein; W: Richard Lowenstein; C: Andrew de Groot.