Hard As Nails

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Hard As Nails ★★½ 2001 (R)

Overachieving video premiere is a genre piece that leaves no cliche unturned, but it also has moments of real style. Gangster Alex (Scotti) and stripper Kat (Yates) are caught between Russian and Japanese gangs in Los Angeles. A cop (Craig) and a hooker (Farentino) are involved, too. Doublecrosses abound. Some of the stunt work is wonderfully acrobatic. Director Katkin makes the most of a pocket-change budget. 88m/C DVD . Allen Scotti, Kim Yates, Andrew Craig, Matt Westmore, Lorissa McComas, Stella Farentino; D: Brian Katkin; W: Brian Katkin; C: Marco Cappetta; M: Chris Farrell. VIDEO