Hard Core Logo

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Hard Core Logo ★★ 1996 (R)

Mockumentary about a group of Canadian veteran punk rock musicians who, at thirtysomething, have reunited for one last benefit concert. The semilegendary Vancouver band are so pleased by how well the concert goes that they decide to head back on the road (in a decrepit van) for one last shot at glory, trailed by a documentary film crew (led by director McDonald). The documentary inserts reveal the band's ups and downs and the ego trips that ultimately drove them apart. Adapted from a novel by Michael Turner. McDonald describes “Hard Core Logo” as the last of his rock ‘n' roll road trilogy, following “Roadkill” and “Highway 61.” 96m/C VHS, DVD . CA Hugh Dillon, Callum Keith Rennie, John Pyper-Ferguson, Bernie Coulson; D: Bruce McDonald; W: Noel S. Baker; C: Danny Nowak; M: Shaun Tozer. Genie ‘96: Song (“Swamp Baby, Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?”).