Happily Ever After 2004

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Happily Ever After ★★ Ils se Marient et Eurent Beaucoup D'Enfants; …And They Lived Happily Ever After 2004

The wandering eye of the married man. Vincent (writer/director Attal) is happily married to Gabrielle (Gainsbourg) but, when egged on by his horndog bachelor pal Fred (Cohen), has sex with a hot masseuse (David). When Gabrielle finds out, she's hurt but gives a Gallic shrug and decides it's nothing she can't handle, especially since infantile Vincent knows he's being stupid. And Gabrielle knows she can find someone else, too. Depp has a cameo as a tempting stranger. French with subtitles. 100m/C DVD . Yvan Attal, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alain Chabat, Emmanuelle Seigner, Alain Cohen, Johnny Depp, Anouk Aimee, Claude Berri; D: Yvan Attal; W: Yvan Attal; C: Remy Chevrin.