Happy Hour 2003

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Happy Hour ★½ 2003

Tulley (La-Paglia) is a self-loathing drunk. A failed writer who works as a copywriter at a New York ad agency, Tulley lives in the shadow of his famous author father (Vaughn). Tulley and best bud/coworker Levine (Stoltz) spend time at their favorite watering hole where Tulley meets Natalie (Feeney) who becomes his instant girlfriend. Then Tulley gets diagnosed with advanced cirrhosis and has to decide what to do with his so-far wasted life. Not as maudlin as it could have been but if its familiarity doesn't breed contempt, it does breed boredom despite the talent involved. 93m/C DVD . US Anthony LaPaglia, Eric Stoltz, Caroleen Feeney, Robert Vaughn, Sandrine Holt, Tom Sadoski; D: Mike Bencivenga; W: Mike Bencivenga, Richard Levine; C: Giselle Chamma; M: Jeff Taylor.