Guys and Balls

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Guys and Balls ★★ Manner wie wir 2004 (R)

Small-town baker's son Ecki (Bruckner) is the goalie on the local soccer team. After losing an important game, Ecki is discovered in a drunken embrace with another man and his teammates throw him off the squad. Vowing to get even, Ecki decides to put together an all-gay team and challenge his hometown's hom-ophobes to a grudge match. So he heads to the city to recruit players and, naturally, finds mostly stereotypical oddballs. Lots of good-natured crass humor and rowdiness. German with subtitles. 106m/C DVD . GE Christian Berkel, Maximilian Bruckner, Rolf Zacher, Lisa Maria Potthoff, David Rott, Mariele Millowitsch; D: Sherry Hormann; W: Benedikt Gollhardt; C: Hanno Lentz; M: Martin Todsharow.

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Guys and Balls

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