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GORDON, Gordon

GORDON, Gordon. Also writes as The Gordons. American, b. 1906. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Criminology/True Crime, Plays/ Screenplays. Career: Full-time writer, 1945-. Reporter, 1930-31, and Managing Ed., 1931-35, Daily Citizen, Tucson, Arizona; Publicist, Twentieth Century Fox, Hollywood, 1935-42; Counter-Espionage Agent, F.B.I., Washington D.C. and Chicago, 1942-45. Publications: NOVELS (all with M. Gordon, as The Gordons): The Little Man Who Wasn't There, 1946; Make Haste to Live, 1950; FBI Story, 1950; Campaign Train, 1952 (in U.S. Murder Rides the Campaign Train, 1976); Case File: FBI, 1953; The Case of the Talking Bug (in U.K. as Playback), 1955; The Big Frame, 1957; Captive, 1957; Tiger on My Back, 1960; Operation Terror, 1961 (in U.S. as Experiment in Terror, 1962); Menace, 1962 (in U.K. as Journey with a Stranger, 1963); Undercover Cat, 1963 (in U.S. and U.K. paperback, That Darn Cat, 1966), commemorative ed., 1993; Power Play, 1965; Undercover Cat Prowls Again, 1966; Night before the Wedding, 1969; The Tumult and the Joy, 1971; The Informant, 1973; Catnapped: The Further Adventures of Undercover Cat, 1974; Ordeal, 1976; Night after the Wedding, 1979; Race for the Golden Tide, 1983; The Hong Kong Affair, 1999; It Could Happen, 2000. OTHER: (with L.H. Burke) With This Ring, 1958; (ed.) A Pride of Felons, 1963. SCREENPLAYS: Down Three Dark Streets, 1954; Experiment in Terror, 1962; That Darn Cat, 1965. Died 2002.

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