Glut, Don(ald) F.

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GLUT, Don(ald) F.

GLUT, Don(ald) F. American, b. 1944. Genres: Novels, Art/Art history, Film, Literary criticism and history. Career: Creator of many comic strip characters including Tragg, Simbar, Dagar, Durak, Dr. Spektor, and Baron Tibor. Associate Ed., Monsters of the Movies mag., Marvel comic Group, since 1974. Musician/singer, actor, book store clerk, asst. copyrwriter, 1965-71; Contributor Ed., Castle of Frankenstein, 1969-71. Publications: Frankenstein Lives Again (novels), 1971; Terror of Frankenstein, and sequels, 1971; (with Jim Harmon) The Great Movie Serials: Their Sound and Fury, 1972; True Vampires of History, 1972; The Dinosaur Dictionary, 1972, rev. ed. as The New Dinosaur Dictionary, 1982; The Frankenstein Legend: A Tribute to Mary Shelley and Boris Karloff, 1973; Bugged! (science fiction), 1974; The Dracula Book, 1974; Spawn (novel), 1976; Classic Movie Monsters, 1978; The Empire Strikes Back (novel), 1980; The Dinosaur Scrapbook, 1980; (with S. Massey) Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Cavemen: The Art of Charles R. Knight, 1982; The Frankenstein Catalog, 1984; New Credits: Discover Dinosaurs, 1991; Amazing Dinosaurs, 1993; The Dinosaur Society Dinosaur Encyclopedia, 1993; (author and director): Dinosaur Movies, 1993; Dinosaur Tracks: Vol. 1, 1994; Hollywood Goes Ape!, 1995; Dinosaur Valley Girls, 1996; Before LaBrea, 1997; Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia, 1997. Contributor to books.