Gladstone, Arthur M.

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GLADSTONE, Arthur M. Also writes as Maggie Gladstone, Lisabet Nor-cross, Margaret SeBastian, Cilla Whitmore. American, b. 1921. Genres: Romance/Historical. Career: Full-time writer since 1973. Retired Major, U.S. Air Force, (enlisted, 1943); Research Chemist, American Cyanamid, Bridgeville, Pa., 1947-48; Research Supervisor, Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical, 1948-53; Product Manager, Nopco Chemical, Newark, New Jersey, 1953-59; Vice-President, Anchor Serum, St. Joseph, Missouri, 1959-61; Advanced Rocket Propulsion Marketer, Hercules, Rocket City, W. Virginia, 1962-68; Product Development Consultant, 1969-73. Publications: AS MARGARET SeBASTIAN: The Honorable Miss Clarendon, 1975; Meg Miller, 1976; Bow Street Gentleman, 1977; Bow Street Brangle, 1977; Miss Letty, 1977; My Lord Rakehell, 1977; Lord Orlando's Protegee, 1977; The Young Lady from Alton-St. Pancras, 1977; That Savage Yankee Squire!, 1978; The Poor Relation, 1978; Lord Dedringham's Divorce, 1978; The Courtship of Colonel Crowne, 1978; Her Knight on a Barge, 1979; The Awakening of Lord Dalby, 1979; Dilemma in Duet, 1979; Byway to Love, 1980; The Plight of Pamela Pollworth, 1980; Miss Keating's Temptation, 1981; A Keeper for Lord Linford, 1982. AS MAGGIE GLADSTONE: The Scandalous Lady, 1978; The Fortunate Belle, 1978; The Love Duel, 1978; The Reluctant Debutante, 1979; The Impudent Widow, 1979; The Love Tangle, 1980; The Lady's Masquerade, 1980; The Reluctant Protegee, 1980; A Lesson in Love, 1981. AS LISABET NORCROSS: Masquerade of Love, 1978; Heiress to Love, 1978; My Lady Scapegrace, 1979. AS CILLA WHIT-MORE: The Lady and the Rogue, 1978; Manner of a Lady, 1979; His Lordship's Landlady, 1979; Mansion for a Lady, 1980. Address: 1701 Owensville Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22901, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]