George Wallace

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George Wallace ★★½ 1997

Follows 20 years (19551975) in the life of politician George Wallace (Sinise) from his career as a state circuit judge, his four terms as Alabama's hard-line segregationist governor, to the first years after he was paralyzed by a would-be assassin while campaigning for the presidency. Some elements are disturbingly dramatized, including Archie (Williams), the fictional black manservant who serves as Wallace's conscience. Based on the book “Wallace” by co-scripter Frady. 178m/C VHS . Gary Sinise, Mare Winningham, Clarence Williams III, Joe Don Baker, Angelina Jolie, Mark Valley, Cliff DeYoung, Skipp (Robert L.) Sudduth, Mark Rolston, William Sanderson, Terry Kinney; D: John Frankenheimer; W: Marshall Frady, Paul Monash; C: Alan Caso; M: Gary Chang. CABLE

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George Wallace

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