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Galgameth ★★½ The Adventures of Galgameth 1996 (PG)

Oldfashioned tale of a boyhero and a friendly monster. 14-year-old Prince Davin (Oatway) accidentally injures his father during a joust and blames himself when the king suddenly dies. But his majesty's actually been poisoned by knight El El (Macht), who declares himself regent and terrorizes the kingdom. Davin's only hope to restore peace is a magical statue called Galgameth that the prince is able to bring to life. Romanian location provides proper storybook castles and medieval villages. 99m/C VHS . Devin Oatway, Stephen Macht, Sean McNamara, Johna Stewart, Tom Dugan; D: Sean McNamara; W: James Angeli; C: Christian Sebaldt; M: Richard (Rick) Marvin.