Fursenko, Aleksandr (A.)

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FURSENKO, Aleksandr (A.)

FURSENKO, Aleksandr (A.). Russian. Genres: History, International relations/Current affairs. Career: Historian and writer specializing in American diplomatic history; Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences; former vice chair of the Leningrad Science Center presidium, USSR Academy of Sciences, Leningrad. Publications: NONFICTION: The American Bourgeois Revolution of the Eighteenth Century, 1960; The Oil Trusts and World Politics from the 1880s to 1918, 1965; The American Revolution and the Formation of the USA, 1978; The Oil Wars of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries, 1985. U.S. Presidents and Politics in the 1970s, 1989; The Battle for Oil: The Economics and Politics of International Corporate Conflict over Petroleum, 1860-1930, trans. and edited by G.L. Freeze, 1990; (with T.J. Naftali) One Hell of a Gamble: Khrushchev, Castro, and Kennedy, 1958-64, 1997. Author of books published in Russian. Address: c/o W.W. Norton & Company, 500 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10110, U.S.A.