Funny Bones

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Funny Bones ★★★ 1994 (R)

Struggling comedian Tommy Fawkes (Platt) bombs in Vegas big-time while his Mr. Showbiz father George (Lewis) easily overshadows him at every turn. So Tom my decides to head back to his childhood home in Blackpool, England and figure out his life. What he discovers are the Par kers, a family of British vaudevillians, and the fact that his father stole their routines and, briefly, Mrs. Parker (Caron), resulting in halfbrother Jack (Evans) who has all the natural talent Tommy can only dream about. Serious, funny, and hostile with no table performances from Platt and Evans. 128m/C VHS, DVD . Oliver Platt, Lee Evans, Leslie Caron, Jerry Lewis, Oliver Reed, Ian McNeice, Ruta Lee, Richard Griffith, George Carl, Freddie Davies; D: Peter Chelsom; W: Peter Chelsom, Peter Flannery; C: Eduardo Berra; M: John Altman.