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Full Count ★★ Lenexa, 1 Mile 2006 (R)

Sports figure in, but this is more a story about friendship despite the curves in the plot. Five high school buddies are spending their last summer in their Kansas hometown before separating to go to college. They play a money game of basketball against the local cops and celebrate their win by getting drunk and driving. When disgruntled cop Russ pulls the boys over, he gets even by taking the money back and threatening them with arrest. They retaliate and things go downhill until there's another showdown between the boys (who have joined a softball league) and Russ' team. (And no, there's no showing of the “big game”.) 90m/C DVD . Austin Nichols, Paul Wesley, Jason Ritter, Chris Klein, Josh Stewart, Timothy Ryan Hensel, Michael Rooker, William Baldwin, Michael Beach; D: Jason Wiles; W: Jason Wiles, Shem Bitterman; C: David Boyd; M: Gary Clark Jr.