Freedom Song

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Freedom Song ★★★ 2000

In Mississippi in 1961, Will Walker (Glover) is a black man both angry and afraid. Civil rights, freedom rights and increasing racial violence make for tense times for the Walker family as teenaged Owen (Shannon) is drawn to organizer Daniel Wall (Curtis-Hall). Complex, conflicted people and situations make for a fine drama. 150m/C VHS, DVD . Danny Glover, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Vicellous Shannon, Loretta Devine, Glynn Turman, Stan Shaw, Michael Jai White, Rae'ven (Alyia Larrymore) Kelly, John Beasley, Jason Weaver, Marcello Thedford, David Strathairn; D: Phil Alden Robinson; W: Phil Alden Robinson, Stanley Weiser; M: James Horner. CABLE

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Freedom Song

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