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FRANCIS, Dorothy Brenner

FRANCIS, Dorothy Brenner. Also writes as Sue Alden, Ellen Goforth, Pat Louis. American, b. 1926. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Romance/Historical, Children's fiction, Adult non-fiction. Career: Writer. Publications: Adventure at Riverton Zoo, 1966; Mystery of the Forgotten Map, 1968; Laugh at the Evil Eye, 1970; Another Kind of Beauty, 1970; Hawaiian Interlude, 1970; Studio Affair, 1972; Blue Ribbon for Marni, 1973; Nurse on Assignment, 1973; Nurse under Fire, 1973; Murder in Hawaii, 1973; Nurse in the Caribbean, 1974; Golden Girl, 1974; Nurse of the Keys, 1974; Nurse at Spirit Lake, 1975; Keys to Love, 1975; Legacy of Merton Manor, 1976; Nurse at Playland Park, 1976; (as Sue Alden) The Magnificent Challenge, 1976; Two Against the Arctic, 1976; The Flint Hills Foal, 1976; (as Sue Alden) Nurse of St. John, 1977; Piggy Bank Minds, 1977; Run of the Sea Witch, 1978; The Boy with the Blue Ears, 1979; Shoplifting: The Crime Everybody Pays For, 1980; (as Ellen Goforth) Path of Desire, 1980; New Boy in Town, 1981; Special Girl, 1981; (as Ellen Goforth) A New Dawn, 1982; Say Please, 1982; Captain Morgana Mason, 1982; (as Pat Louis) Treasure of the Heart, 1982; Ghost of Graydon Place, 1982; A Secret Place, 1982; A Blink of the Mind, 1982; Just Friends, 1983; Promises and Turtle Shells, 1984; The Warning, 1984; The Magic Circle, 1984; Kiss Me Kit, 1984; Bid for Romance, 1985; Write On, 1986; Stop Thief!, 1986; The Tomorrow Star, 1986; Fellow Your Heart, 1986; Computer Crime, 1987; The Right Kind of Girl, 1987; Vonnie and Monique, 1987; Suicide: The Preventable Tragedy, 1989; Drift Bottles in History and Folklore, 1990; Metal Detecting for Treasure, 1992; Survival at Big Shark Key, 1999; The Toy Deer of the Florida Keys, 1999; Bigfoot in New York City?, 1999; Case of the Bad-Luck Bike Ride across Iowa, 2001; The Case of the Missing Emeralds, 2001; Cody Smith and the Holiday Mysteries, 2001; The Case of the Vanishing Cat, 2001; The Jayhawk Horse Mystery, 2001; The Case of the Disappearing Kidnapper, 2001; Sharks!, 2001; The American Alligator, 2001; Dolphins, 2001; Sea Turtles, 2001; Borderland Horse, 2001; Loess Hills Forever, 2002; Clara Barton, 2002; Our Transportation Systems, 2002; Courage on the Oregon Trail, 2003; Conch Shell Murder, 2003. Address: 1505 Brentwood Terr, Marshalltown, IA 50158, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]

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Francis, Dorothy Brenner

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